Do you want to kill your computer?
why hire IT Pixie?…and wish you had your own personal IT department?
Tired of unfriendly tech support?
why hire IT Pixie…and want someone who actually cares?
Need an easy & affordable solution?
why hire IT Pixie…that takes the stress out of dealing with IT stuff?
IT Pixie is your Personal IT Helper. We offer personal tech support and IT solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. We are here to be your personal IT department.


What can your Personal IT Helper do for you?

Web Security & Maintenance
Web Design & Development
Online Marketing & Management
Personal IT Support & Training


Hire IT Pixie to take care of your IT needs

When you purchase any one of these Personal IT Helper packages, we become your personal IT department for the amount of time you purchase.  During this time period, you can ask us for help with any IT related issue.

Our Personal IT Helper Packages

Try IT

(1 Hour)

Try IT More

(3 Hours)

Get IT


Love IT

(6 Months*)

Gotta Have IT


* Averaging 6 hours of service per month
** Monthly payment plan available

A la Carte Projects

We also offer our services on a by-project basis. This might be a more economical option if you have a project that takes more than the average 6 hours per month to complete. Please contact us for details and a free quote.

Refund Policies

If for whatever reason you are not happy with our Personal IT Assistant service, you have 30 days to receive a prorated refund. That is, we will refund your money — minus the hours already worked — within 30 days of your purchase.

If you wish to cancel your service after 30 days and you still have time left in your account, you will receive time credit toward future services. Or you can just ask us to do a few more tasks to use up the time.

Questions? Email us {info [at]}.




IT Pixie’s {magic} is exceptional customer service, impeccable integrity, and a devoted commitment to the perfect resolution.

We love problem solving and we want to {save the world}, one technically frustrated client at a time.

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