We know you are concerned about your privacy (as we are EXTREMELY concerned about ours because we are little paranoid about ID theft and online security!), that’s why we have the following privacy DOs and DON’Ts:


…make keeping your information safe and private our top priority.

…keep any confidential information we obtain while completing your tasks — things like usernames, passwords or trade secrets — ABSOLUTELY, STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

…take all cautionary measures available to safeguard and protect your information.

…delete and destroy any confidential information we obtain during our working relationship, after our relationship has ended.

…encourage you changing those passwords you have given us in order to complete your tasks, after the tasks are completed.


…share your information with 3rd parties — never have and never will.

…sell your information to 3rd parties either — that’s just bad ethics and bad taste all around.

…use ANY information and material obtained from you for any purpose other than completing your task requests.

…solicit information unrelated to completing your tasks.

…send unsolicited communication of any form.

…spam (we don’t even like to eat it that much).