Marian, A Fine Farewell

“…I did some work with Amy and found her to be thorough and helpful.  She is knowledgeable about much in the IT realm…and what she doesn’t know, she seems quite willing and capable of researching to find out.  (believe me, finding the information is as much a skill as knowing the information!! It’s all changing so darn fast!)   I have worked with expensive designers in the past, and been quite daunted at the price of the work, though the quality has been great.  (one such designed my website).  But I was unable to continue to pay those rates, and I wanted more ability to edit my own content than I was given.”

“Working with Amy has been very helpful because her rates are competitive and she has been very good about explaining things to me, and she has been quite willing to work with my existing site, suggesting options for changing the framework while keeping the style and design intact.  And she is genuinely interested in helping me to be able to do more of what I want myself.  She helped me to adjust some glitches I’d been stumped by, (on my site) and clarified some other things to me.   I feel a bit more confident to take on the content management now because of having someone whose rates I can afford,  whom I can call on if I get myself in a ‘mess’ –or for the things I just can’t or don’t want to do.”

“… I plan more work with Amy in the near future and am looking forward to it.”